The Overlooked Beauty of the Mundane

Dedicated to @stevegetssober I rest my chin on your freshly-cleaned frame,The gentlest breeze brushingMy wide-eyed gaze. You’re so close to me. For a moment(An intimate moment)I am dazzled.How your light burnsAnd penetrates my soul. You’re so near. I close my eyesAnd I see what you sawin meThe impression etched deepRemaining. We’re next to each other. […]

Body Hair

Dedicated to @MrsHamster1 It was still early. You could tell by the way the penetrating sunlight fell on the bedroom wall, the shadow of the bellowing net curtain dancing to a silent tune and heralding a new dawn. I had that usual momentary groan as I contemplated another day where my world ended at the […]


Dedicated to @Robert58585858 It was a Sunday ritual as sacred and important to me as the one I had attended that morning at the local church. Where the smells of incense and candles were replaced with those of sawdust and motor oil, and where the hymnals and sacred books were the Haynes Automotive series and […]


It’s a simple enough activity to do with children, a bit of Christmas baking. This time my little boy wanted to make “Gingerbread mens” and gave enough forewarning of this desire for me to get myself nice and worked up at the prospect of baking with the children. Now, I should point out that I […]

The Eye

For the last year or more my little made-up eye has been staring out at you from behind a ripped piece of paper. The response to my avatar is always mixed; sometimes it makes people feel uncomfortable, sometimes it generates questions (the latest one being “Who did your make up?”) and others still greet it […]