Hello fear, where have you been?

It’s Tuesday and this is the one day of the week when I am at home alone*. There are endless jobs to be done, so there is very little reason to be idle, but idle is my default mode; energy-saving is my specialty. So when I am home alone it is easy for me to […]

Letter to my 16 year-old self.

For Christmas I received a wonderful book titled Letter To My Younger Self, a compilation of interviews with various celebrities, where they consider what they would tell their 16 year old selves about what life holds for them. A Twitter pal and I wondered together what we would write to our 16-year-old counterparts if we […]

Can I control my drinking?

The other day I responded to a Twitter post from someone sober who was thinking about picking up again, but only drinking once-a-week and just 2-4 drinks. Their query; is this achievable? My response was simple: “In my opinion only people who can’t do this ask that question.” I say that because for the last […]

Misery contest it is not

The last 24 hours have been life-changing for me. I made a decision yesterday to quit alcohol after decades of being powerless to control my drinking and relying on it to close the door on my overactive mind. I found support from those closest to me and from people I had, and still haven’t, met […]