An Alcoholic: Who me?

Hi. I’m Matt, I’m an alcoholic. I have been saying those words regularly now for the past four months. Whilst on holiday during the Easter break I finally admitted to another person that I was not able to control my drinking; I recognised previously damaging behaviours becoming more and more prevalent and the fantasy that […]

Can I control my drinking?

The other day I responded to a Twitter post from someone sober who was thinking about picking up again, but only drinking once-a-week and just 2-4 drinks. Their query; is this achievable? My response was simple: “In my opinion only people who can’t do this ask that question.” I say that because for the last […]

Misery contest it is not

The last 24 hours have been life-changing for me. I made a decision yesterday to quit alcohol after decades of being powerless to control my drinking and relying on it to close the door on my overactive mind. I found support from those closest to me and from people I had, and still haven’t, met […]